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  Criminal Court Fee Schedule

Class A & B Misdemeanor


On/After 01/01/2010

County Clerk (CF) CCP 102.005 (a)
District Attorney CCP 102.008
Judicial Fund Costs/CCL (JF) GC 702 (b) / 703 (b)
Records Mngmt/Preservation (RMP) CCP 102.005(f)
Courthouse Security Fund (CHS) CCP 102.017
Consolidated State Fee (CCC) LGC 133.102
Transaction Administrative Fee (TAF) CCP 102.072
Jury Reimbursement Fee (JRF) CCP 102.0045
Judicial Support Fee (JSF) LGC 133.105
Indigent Defense Court Costs (LGC 133.107) GC 102.203
  Total Basic Fee
County and District Technology Fee (on all cases with an offense committed on or after 09/01/2009)




Total Basic Fee (for Offenses committed on or after 09/01/2009


Additional Fees



EMS/Trauma Fund (EMS) DWI Offenses CCP 102.0185


Video Recording Fee (VRF) DWI Offenses CCP 102.018(a)


Breath Alcohol Testing Fee (BAT) DWI Offenses CCP 102.016


Drug Court Cost Fee (Intoxication & Drug Convictions) CCP 102.0215


Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Fee (JPD) (Arson, Criminal Mischief and Property Damage) CCP 102.0171


Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Fee (JPD) CCP 102.0171


DNA Testing Fee-Public Lewdness/Indecent Exposure CCP 102.020


Jury Trial Fee (JF) CCP Art. 102.004


Restitution Installment Fee (RIF) CCP 42.037


Warrantless Arrest GC 102.011


Warranted Arrest GC 102.011


State Traffic Fine (STF) Reckless Driving TRC 542.4031


Committment $5 / Bond $10 / Release $5 CCP 102.011
Time Payment Fee (TP) LGC 133.103
Criminal Background Check on Guradians  





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